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The award-winning Paros Chamber Choir was founded in 1993 and performs a wide repertoire of music including songs by accomplished Armenian, Russian and American composers. The Paros Chamber Choir's international performances have included Lebanon, Georgia, Great Britain, Italy, France and most recently their 2011 performances in Austria and Slovakia. Since its inception, the Paros Chamber Choir has participated in several international competitions and has truly become a lighthouse or beacon (Paros translated in Armenian) for The Armenian Nation.
Past audiences find themselves inspired and overjoyed with the sounds of the Paros Chamber Choir. Despite the fact that most of the Choir's members have a disability and sing from a seated position, working with Maestro Raffi Mikaelian, the group has developed into a world-class Chamber Choir.
The Paros Chamber Choir is available to perform worldwide.

Latest news
Flashmob "For You, Armenia"
December 3, 2014
To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3), Unison NGO (https://www.facebook.com/unison.am) presents Flashmob "For You, Armenia". The famous song by G.Garvarents and Ch.Aznavour was performed by award-winning PAROS Chamber Choir (Conductor: Raffi Mikaelian) and AREVNER Armen Divanyan Children & Youth Ensemble (Artistic Director: Arpine Hovhannisyan). The flashmob was aimed at promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities and their full inclusion. Idea by Armen Alaverdyan.
Produced by EMPORIUM (https://www.facebook.com/ArmEmporium). Directed by Arpy Maghakyan, Camera: Vahe Safaryan.

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